Champagne Comtesse de Bellefleur NV, France (£29.99 Laithwaites) Rich with a slight nuttiness, but it looks like that richness seems to come from high dosage rather than extended aging or a good base wine. OK, but not much class. C(-) The Society’s Champagne Brut (Alfred Gratien), France (£29.50 The Wine Society) […]

Four Sparkling Wines – Champagne, Cava & Tasmania

The Spee’Wah Cuvée Chardonnay NV, Murray Darling (£9.50 The Drinkmonger, Bibendum) Simple, sherbetty style, has a honeyed edge to the cooked apple fruit, quite broad and biscuity, but lacks freshness. C Jansz Tasmania Premium Non Vintage Cuvée (£13.99 see below for stockists) Fresh, elegant style, strawberry, raspberry and apple, with a […]

Wine Tasting Video: Australian Sparkling Wine

In the last of five video interviews with elder statemen (and women) of the Australian wine industry that I’ve produced in the run-up to the annual Australia Day Wine tasting in London, here’s Tony Scherer of Frogmore Creek on Pinot Noir, organic viticulture and the variation in wine styles throughout […]

Tony Scherer of Frogmore Creek talks Tasmanian Pinot Noir