“…just about the best introduction to wine available.”

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“Just in and hot off the presses The World’s Shortest Wine Book by Simon Woods. A perfect stocking filler.”

“We love this book by Simon Woods – on sale now for £5, great to give with a bottle of wine!”

“Great to see you tonight @woodswine Love the book, very clever, can sell that!”

These are just three of the growing number of comments from companies in the UK who are now selling “The World’s Shortest Wine Book.”

And it’s not just the wine trade that loves the book:-

“To write about wine so playfully, you have to know your stuff. This really is just about the best introduction to wine available” [The Independent, Books of the Year 2014 – full review HERE]

“Bought this wee book by @woodswine yesterday. Full of good tips, totally unpretentious and lovely” [from Twitter]

“What a great little book. it’s very well written and easy to understand, no lofty or wine snobbery language. Simon Woods has captured in very simple terms what enjoying wine is all about. A refreshing change from all the typically heavy tomes of wine buff elitism. I love it.” [from one of the many five-star reviews on Amazon]

There are many good wine books out there vying for attention, but not many of them…

…are aimed at “normal” people
…won’t hurt if you drop them on your foot
…can easily be popped into a case of wine (without increasing the price too much)
…reference Claire Grogan, Iranian gunboats and Formula One racing
…sell for just £5.

As the wine merchant above said, a perfect stocking filler. And although Christmas is now in the distant past, there’s nothing to stop you ‘stocking’ it for Father’s Day (June 21st), Independence Day (July 4th), even World Mosquito Day (apparently August 20th). The normal trade price is £3.33 each, or £3 if you order more than 50 copies, but from now until the end of June 2015, anyone ordering more than 10 copies can buy them for just £3 each. And for less if you want a LOT of copies…

If you need to know more about the book, or if you’d like to see a sample copy, do get in touch through the contact form HERE. Look forward to hearing from you.


(for a press release about the book, click HERE)

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