Another excellent Riesling to celebrate 31 Days of Riesling Dönnhoff Dry Riesling 2016, Nahe, Germany (£16-19 see Wine Searcher – many shops/restaurants are still on the 2015) Leaps out of the glass to greet you with a gush of green apple, ripe lemon and grapefruit aroma, but alongside all this […]

Dönnhoff Dry Riesling 2016, Nahe, Germany

We’re getting near the end of 31 Days of Riesling, but there’s still time for this lovely trio Exquisite Collection Riesling 2016 (made by Wakefield/Taylors), Clare Valley, Australia (£6.99 Aldi) Zesty youngster, all sleek and stony, with taut lemon and lime flavours, a richer apple-y candy floss character and even […]

Three lovely Rieslings from Australia, New Zealand & Germany

Rieslings from opposite sides of the world – same grape, very different flavours, but I like them both… WMD ‘The Spectre’ Riesling 2013, Mosel, Germany (£30 Red Squirrel Wine) Has the classic sweet-and-sour minerally Mosel edge, with earthy citrus, plum and beeswax flavours given richness by a sprinkling of sweetness, […]

Rieslings from the Mosel, Germany, and Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

More tasty fodder to mark German Riesling Week (see previous videos here and here), but first some sparkling Rosé… Langlois Crémant de Loire Rosé NV, France (£13.00 Caviste, Butler’s Wine Cellar, Highbury Vintners, The Vineyard) Corked – shame as it’s usually pretty decent South Ridge Cuvée Merret Traditional Method Sparkling Rosé […]

Wine Tasting Video: German Riesling Week Part 3 plus Sparkling ...

A second batch of wines to celebrate German Riesling Week – the first one is here and there’s now a third one here. Dr L. Riesling 2010, Mosel (£6.99-£7.49 widely available) Tightly-wound youngster, plenty of earthy ripe red apple and orange flavour and tense minerality, excellent value. B+ Schloss Lieser […]

German Riesling Week Part 2

It’s German Riesling Week in the UK from July 23rd to the 31st – OK, that’s a bit longer than a week, but the wines I’ve been tasting for these videos justify the two-day extension – for more details of Riesling Week in your area, click here. And for my […]

German Riesling Week Part 1