Casa do Capitão-mor Alvarinho 2015, Vinho Verde, Portugal (£12.90 Alfama Wines) Young and fresh, a bracing tang of sea air and mineral in among the lightly spicy (ginger?) just-ripe peach and citrus peel flavours. Very tasty, and quite full bodied. S(-) Anselmo Mendes Alvarinho 2015, Vinho Verde, Portugal (£11.99 Laithwaites) […]

Albariño meets Alvarinho

Casa de Paços Superior 2015, VR Minho, Portugal (N/A in the UK) Bracing young wine, with a crisp lemony edge to the fresh apple and nut flavours, a salty briny bite and a backbone of steely minerality. B+ Quinta de Paços Morgado do Perdigão Alvarinho & Loureiro 2015, VR Minho, […]

A trio of Portuguese whites from Quinta de Paços

Marimar Estate Albariño 2013, Russian River Valley, California (£26.95 Edgmond Wines) Smells rich and fleshy, sl peach – cooked and fresh, crystallised orange, weighty, nutty, peachy fruit, like Albarino with a dollop of Chardonnay, but nice dry finish. And regarding my comments on the video wondering whether it would open […]

Marimar Estate Albariño 2013, Russian River Valley, California

I’m sure it’s happened to all wine companies at least once. You arrive at a trade tasting, imagining that you’ll be pouring the latest vintage for the attendees, only to find that some of the bottles are a little more mature than you’d anticipated… I was at an Ehrmanns tasting […]

Whoops, that’s the wrong wine…

Albanta Albariño 2013, Rías Baixas, Spain (£12 Asda) Showing the exotic side of Albariño, this has a rich, almost Viognier-like nut kernel character plus notes of peach, passionfruit and lychee, but just when it was in danger of going a bit wobbly, a stony citrus side chips in to provide […]

Three Albariños from Spain and California

Have given the same mark (a low silver medal) to all three of these wines, even through they are all different. Try the first two with shellfish, last one with fleshier fish – and don’t be afraid to have a little heat in the food… Condes de Albarei Rías Baixas […]

Three Rías Baixas Albariños