These three are part of Your Sommelier‘s subscription service which costs £36 per month – so the average price is £12 per bottle Château Dubois Gramont Bordeaux Blanc 2015, France Rich but tangy style, with notes of ginger and honey alongside the herby greengage, plum and lemon curd. Nicely balanced, […]

Three wines from Your Sommelier’s Bordeaux selection

Calvet Crémant de Bordeaux Brut 2013, France (£11.99 Ocado) Curious but not unattractive mix of lush, sherbetty strawberry character with more bracing, pithy citrus acidity. Perhaps too sharp to drink by itself, but wouldn’t mind it with some seafood. B Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Réserve NV, France (£26.99 widely available) Manages […]

Sparkling French wines from Bordeaux & Champagne

Château Tour de Mirambeau Bordeaux Blanc Réserve 2015, France (£10.95 Tanners) A bit of a sulphur whiff to begin with, but this blows off to reveal a zesty, zippy young wine with the crunchy greengage edge of Sauvignon balanced against the deeper limier tones of Semillon. B+ Château Roquefort Roquefortissime […]

Two Bordeaux Whites

Grand Mayne Côtes de Duras Sauvignon 2015, South West France (£9.95 from the vineyard) A wine that manages to be crisp and tangy, yet quite rich at the same time. Lots of zesty apple and citrus fruit with green characters – herbs, grass, nettles – to add further interest, but […]

Two whites from Domaine du Grand Mayne in South West ...

A brisk young Bordeaux white for fleshier shellfish dishes… Château de Bonhoste Bordeaux Blanc 2015, France (£8.85 Hourlier Wines) Currently being driven by the precise, bracing nettly grapefruit edge of Sauvignon, but there’s also the more floral aromatic edge of Muscadelle, and some weightier Sémillon, which will come more to the […]

Château de Bonhoste Bordeaux Blanc 2015, France

I’m sure it’s happened to all wine companies at least once. You arrive at a trade tasting, imagining that you’ll be pouring the latest vintage for the attendees, only to find that some of the bottles are a little more mature than you’d anticipated… I was at an Ehrmanns tasting […]

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