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I Don’t Know Much About Wine….which is your favourite cover?

Would love to hear from you about which of these three covers you prefer for the new edition of ‘I Don’t Know Much About Wine But I Know What I Like’. And with version 3, do you prefer it in blue or green? Either email me (you should have my email if you’ve found your way to this page) or add a note in the comments below.


Cover 2-001


Cover 3-001


Cover 1-001 Cover 4-001


  • Leigh Hooper says:

    No 3. left hand version.

  • Chris Wicks says:

    Cover 3, blue.

  • Kevin Ecock says:

    Cover 2 with dark green background from Cover 3. Emphasise SIMON WOODS a bit more with a darker shade of pink.

    Reading this you’d get the impression I know what I’m talking about! I don’t really, but then, I do know what I like ….

    Why are you not going down the crowd funding route? I’ll give you the price of a new copy up front.

  • Roger Cavanagh says:

    No. 2

  • Craig Sutheran says:

    Cover 1 because like wine, it is about the grapes, terroir and winemaker behind the label that is interesting. In your book it is your thoughts & philosophies so your name on the label makes sense. Is that a bit deep?

  • David Latham says:

    All pathetic! These are typical of contemporary book cover designs; no imagination with child-like artwork. Also, why are you republishing with the same title? Others must have come to mind. “Do You Know Much About Wine and Why You Like it? Discover how you can appreciate the variety and brilliance on offer.” Or take a leaf out of Pete Brown’s beer books, both in title and cover design. “The Meaning of Wine”, “Message in the Bottle: and on the label”

  • jim tague says:

    Cover 2: for what wine would that be a good glass? When would you want that much wine in a glass? Sorry to be so literal-minded….

  • Gerald.Irwin says:

    I like label 2. The wine has been poured and ready to be tasted so it welcomes the reader in.

    I prefer the green label for 3. The blue is wishy washy.

  • Angela Reddin says:

    I like 3 right side colours. But you should have your name flag at the top of the bottle and reduce the size of “wine” and or “like” so that it fits.

  • Paul Clegg says:

    Cover no2. Don’t approve of the corkscrew in no1!
    Good luck.

  • Richard Cotton says:

    No. 2.

  • Seb says:

    3 blue.

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