Alto Adige

And still another of the catch-up-on-tasting-notes posts (see intro HERE if that doesn’t make sense) Cantina Bolzano Eisacktaler Isarco Silvaner 2011, Alto Adige, Italy (£10.20 Mondial Wine) There are some apricot and ripe citrus flavours here, but it’s one of those wines where fruit takes second place to other characters. It reminds […]

An assortment of whites plus a lone rosé from Italy, ...

Tenutae Lageder Beta Delta Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio 2008, IGT Vigneti delle Dolomiti, Italy (£14.50 Bibendum) Clean, clear and fresh, one of those wines that is as much about texture as flavour. So the pithy citrus, guava and underripe mango flavours are underpinned by a pleasing creamy nuttiness. Not showy but very […]

Chardonnays from Italy, France, Australia & South Africa

Xerolithia White, Peza 2008, Crete, Greece (£7.99 Oddbins) Nice mix of richness and crispness, rounded and fleshy, with some pineapple flavours, but also a slightly pithy, piney edge and an almost volcanic note on the finish. B(+) Alois Lageder ‘Vogelmaier’ Moscato Giallo 2006, Alto Adige, Italy (£7.60 in the Bibendum […]

Miscellaneous whites from Australia, France, Greece and Italy

Cantina Tramin Lagrein 2008, Alto Adige, Italy (£11.49 Hallgarten Druitt,, Refreshing, genuinely light-to-medium-bodied red, almost Dolcetto-like, with crunchy, earthy black fruit (especially cherry) and fresh, sausage-friendly finish. B+ The Society’s Exhibition Chianti Classico 2007, Tuscany, Italy (£11.95 The Wine Society) Modern and fresh, but has this lovely velvety […]

Assorted reds – Lagrein, Chianti, Corbières & WA Shiraz