Goring Brut NV, Sussex, England (£31.45 Corking Wines) I love the gentle, ripe lime, apple and even raspberry flavours in this perky young wine. It’s crisp but never scrawny, and alongside the toasty notes, there’s a light hedgerow character to remind you of its origins. Good now but feels like […]

Assorted Sparklers from England & Italy

La Montina Franciacorta Brut NV, Lombardy, Italy (£22 Buon Vino, Passion e Vino) Ripe pineapple and dried apricot flesh, with some citrus, and notes of bread dough and almonds to add further interest, feels young and not hugely complex but still a nice drink. B Enrico Gatti ‘Erbusco’ Franciacorta Brut […]

Three wines from Franciacorta

And still another of the catch-up-on-tasting-notes posts (see intro HERE if that doesn’t make sense) Cantina Bolzano Eisacktaler Isarco Silvaner 2011, Alto Adige, Italy (£10.20 Mondial Wine) There are some apricot and ripe citrus flavours here, but it’s one of those wines where fruit takes second place to other characters. It reminds […]

An assortment of whites plus a lone rosé from Italy, ...