Yet another of the catch-up-on-tasting-notes posts (see intro HERE if that doesn’t make sense) Nicosia Frappato di Sicilia 2014, Italy (£7.95 The Wine Society) Lovely light, perfumed style, with its earthy raspberry and cherry flavours and fresh finish, think of it as a southern Italian take on Beaujolais. B+   Renato […]

Assorted Italian Reds

The Exquisite Collection Gavi 2012, Piedmont, Italy (£4.99 Aldi) Slightly nutty with a soft, gentle, peachy character, a touch of cooked apple and a crisp finish. Simple but quite tasty. B- Le Vaglie Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi 2012, Marche (~£13 Penistone Wine Cellar) Shows notes of nutmeg and cinnamon […]

Wine Tasting Video: Five Italian Whites