Something about my scoring system. You can read some of my views on the topic in this post, but to sum up quickly, I give medals, not marks. The scale from top to bottom runs as follows:-

  • T  (trophy) – I’d say this translated to 97-100
  • G  (gold) – or 92-96
  • S (silver) – or 87-91
  • B (bronze) – or 82-86
  • C (commended) – or 77-81
  • 0 (zero) – or 76 and below**

and I split these into five layers – S+, S(+), S, S(-) and S-, for example.

** someone asked me, ‘Why score out of 100 and then really only from 76 onwards?’ That’s part of the reason I use the medals instead of 100 points. Wines I give ‘0’ to aren’t all of the same quality – some could be boring but drinkable, others could be actively nasty.

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