We’re getting near the end of 31 Days of Riesling, but there’s still time for this lovely trio Exquisite Collection Riesling 2016 (made by Wakefield/Taylors), Clare Valley, Australia (£6.99 Aldi) Zesty youngster, all sleek and stony, with taut lemon and lime flavours, a richer apple-y candy floss character and even […]

Three lovely Rieslings from Australia, New Zealand & Germany

Seifried Family Aotea Sauvignon Blanc 2016, Nelson, New Zealand (£13-£15 Rodney Fletcher Vintners, Rannoch Scott Wines, Just in Cases, Noel Young Wines, Penistone Wine Cellars, Roberts & Speight, Wine & The Vine, Grassington Wine Shop, Aged in Oak Wine Company, Ministry of Drinks, Templar Wines,,, – these […]

Two New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs

…including some biggish names that weren’t quite as good as I’d have hoped… Clotilde Davenne Bourgogne Blanc 2014, France (was £10.95 From Vineyards Direct) From vineyards close to Chablis, so the pert, minerally character and mix of crispness and creaminess come as no surprise. Lovely balanced style, excellent value, the […]

Four Chardonnays from four countries

Boya Pinot Noir 2015, Leyda, Chile (£11.99 Majestic) Why is so much Chilean Pinot Noir blighted by reduction? This seems to have reasonable if a touch jammy soft berry flavours, but that rubbery reduced character is front and centre, and is still the main event two days after opening. C- […]

Three Southern Hemisphere Pinot Noirs

Would love to report that these were great, but they’re only OK… The Doctors’ Sauvignon Blanc 2015, Marlborough, New Zealand (£9-£10 Waitrose, Booths) Reasonable mix of citrus and passionfruit with a touch of rhubarb, slightly on the soft side, due perhaps to age (2016 is current vintage in NZ), or […]

The Doctors’ Lower Alcohol Duo from New Zealand

Smacked bottom time, Simon. Late last year, Kevin Judd sent me five vintages of his Wild Sauvignon Blanc from the Greywacke winery which he established in 2009. He produces a regular Sauvignon and a few other varieties too, but this is his attempt to show that there’s more to Marlborough […]

Going Wild and Wacky with Greywacke