Rose Wine

Adega de Monção Vinho Verde 2011 (£5.95 The Wine Society) Young and briny, with an Alka Seltzer/sherbetty spritz, and tangy pear and ripe red apple flesh. B+ Quinta da Romaneira Douro White 2011 (£16.99 Corks Out, Wine Utopia, Winearray, The Fine Wine Company, Exel Wines, The Wine Reserve, Liberty Wines) […]

Wine Tasting Video: Portuguese White, Rosé & Port

(There’s currently information only about the Natureo White on the Torres website) Torres Natureo Rosé Syrah/Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, Spain (£5.99 Asda, Waitrose) It may not be incredibly wine-y, but it’s a pleasant enough drink, off-dry and juicy with flavours of rosehip syrup and tinned strawberries. C(+) Torres Natureo Tinto Syrah […]

Wine Tasting Video: Low Alcohol Reds & Rosé from Torres