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The World’s Shortest Wine Book – the missing chapters…

Which sounds better?

‘21 ideas to get more out of a bottle of wine’
‘24 ideas to get more out of a bottle of wine’?

Toss of a coin and I plumped for the first – to be honest, I think I’d have gone for 21 anyway without resort to heads or tails…

But I DID actually write 24 chapters.

If you want to read the extra three, fill in your email address in the form on the right (or below if you’re viewing this on a mobile) and I’ll send them on to you.

Missing Chapters Cover Med Res



  • kevin.drake says:

    Hi mate
    I trust that the missing chapters have something on Australian wine! In hunters valley next week!
    Happy Xmas to you and yours
    Ps will leave a review when I’ve read it, just looking for corkscrew!!

  • Simon says:

    You won’t need a corkscrew all that often in Aus, say hi to the Blue Mountains for me

  • Howard says:

    Hi Simon,
    great to see you at the Non-SkiLLs last night and thanks for tellimg me about the book. I’ love to have a copy of the additional chapters if you could send them please.
    Many thanks.

  • Simon says:

    Hi Howard, good to see you too – when are The Feel reforming? Haven’t heard The Butterfly Collector for a while…

    For the missing chapters, have a look at this page http://www.simonwoods.com/the-worlds-shortest-wine-book-the-missing-chapters/

  • Clare says:

    Great east read – thank you. Please can I have the three missing chapters


  • Tom Perry says:

    Very enjoyable read, from a tesco special offer wine drinker. I only buy meat from a butcher. Time to do the same with wine. Although my butcher sells rubbish wine

  • Alex says:

    Enjoyed the book! Please could you send me the extra chapters. Thanks.

  • Simon says:

    He must have Bull’s Blood…

  • Mike Jones says:

    Please can you send me the extra chapters. Cheers!

  • Simon says:

    On their way Mike

  • Roger W Turner says:

    I’d like to read the extra three chapters, but there *isn’t* a “form on the right”.

  • Simon says:

    There will be soon hopefully – anyone else who encounters this problem, just add a comment and I’ll point you in the right direction

  • Stephen Bangert says:

    The instructions for getting the extra chapters are rather opaque (or the screen isn’t displaying properly on a Mac).

  • Simon says:

    Hi Stephen, I love the very polite way you say that I’ve made a boo-boo! They’re currently not there on Mac, PC, Linux and any other system. Hopefully that will be rectified soon, in the meantime, have emailed you a link to where you can get at them

  • Malcolm Read says:

    refreshing advice – cheers !

  • Emma Wicks says:

    Really enjoyed reading this – funny and useful tips. Please can I have the extra chapters.

  • Gerald Irwin says:

    As a lover of wine but a newcomer to any kind of matching with food or even proper tasting this is a great little book written in a light-hearted style and worth using as a reference.

    Please send me the extra chapters.

  • Clive Trusler says:

    Would love to receive the last three chapters. Just returned from the Western Cape,SA and discovered Darling Wines. They have a fine selection especially the atrociously named “Chocoholic” pinotage which is exceptional.

  • Gabriella Szabo says:

    Hi Simon,

    I really loved the first 21st chapters of your book and I’m curious about the last 3 as well.
    Could you please send me them?

    I also read your previous book (I Don’t Know Much About Wine…But I Know What I Like) and I got interested in your other wine books.
    Could you send me a list about them and their availability?


  • Simon says:

    Have emailed you Gabriella

  • Roy says:

    Missing chapters please – thanks

  • James Ward says:

    I really enjoyed your short book and would like the 3 extra chapters please… For study purposes obviously!

  • Paul Rayson says:

    Great book, very easy reading and very humorous, please give me access to the other 3 chapters :-)


  • Sue Baker says:

    Super book. Look forward to reading the missing chapters.

  • Joe Baker says:

    Hi Simon,

    I picked up a couple of your books from the Rioja Master Class you did with Manchester Wine School back in June, one of which was The World’s Shortest Wine Book. I had a great time in your class and a great read of your book. I was just wondering if I could get those last three chapters??



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