Kayra Narince 2015, Tokat, Turkey (£12.50-£14 Strictly Wine, Eton Vintners, Great Wines Direct, Novel Wines) Confident young wine, with an earthy, almost volcanic character in there with the floral, spicy aromas and sappy pink grapefruit and pear flavours. Quite weighty despite the 11.5% alcohol, with a dry and refreshing finish. […]

Kayra Narince 2015, Tokat, Turkey

Kayra Beyaz Kalecik Karasi Blanc de Noir 2015, Denizli, Turkey (£12.39 Strictly Wine) Lightly charred character alongside ripe strawberry and apple, with hints of vanilla and even ginger. Interesting, tasty and moreish. B+ Kayra Kalecik Karasi 2014, Denizli, Turkey (£12.40 Strictly Wine, Great Wine Direct) More of that smoky note […]

Two Turkish Wines