Four wines from Cabardès – where?

All these are from The Mixed Case

Château Jouclary Cabardès Cuvée Tradition 2006 (£6.99)
Quite lively, spicy blackcurrant flavours tinged with a touch of iron, but then let down by something ever so slightly stale and cardboardy (still there a couple of days later), also a slightly metallic hint to the finish. Still good, and improves with time open, but flawed – don’t think it’s a bottle fault, but willing to be proved wrong. B-

Domaine de Cazaban Cabardès 2007 (£15.99)
Fresh vibrant and virile wines, vibrant, the Merlot giving plummy roundness with the Syrah giving more plums plus orange peel and blackcurrants, some reduction giving that sage-infused sausage meat character, very promising spicy youngster. S

Château Jouclary Cabardès Cuvée Guilhaume 2004 (£11.25)
Riper fruit than the Cuvée Tradition, but also comes across as fresher and more confident, with tannin and acidity providing backbone for the relaxed plummy blackcurrant flavours. Showing a touch of age, but still with bounce and passion, and again an edge of iron-like minerality to the finish. S-

Domaine de Cazaban Cabardès Demoiselle Claire 2007 (£10.25)
A touch of rum’n’raisin, but also vibrant white pepper-y black fruit, again that iron-like minerality with the edge of reduction giving that meaty sage and onion, character. Entertaining and fresh – very tasty. S(-)
All these are from The Mixed Case

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