A couple of Merlot-y French reds

Just wish the person who made the first wine had been given the fruit from the second…

Morrisons Claret NV, Bordeaux, France (£4.49 Morrisons)
Hmmm. I don’t mind the leafy blackcurrant and blackberry character, sappy, earthy notes and fresh finish, but this is just too scrawny for real pleasure. C-

Moulin Des Vignes Merlot 2012 Pays d’Oc, France (£8.30 Jascots)
Smells like a rounder, riper version of the above wine, with fleshier fruit but still with the leafy overtones. Decent fruit flavours, but they’re muddied by a rather confected vanilla character – think this would have been better without the oaking… C

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