A Torres take on low alcohol ‘wine’

Have to say that I’ve never had a low alcohol wine (or beer) that I’ve wanted to rush out and recommend – if I can’t have propoer wine, I’d much rather have a glass of water or fruit juice or elderflower cordial. Here’s a video looking at Miguel Torres’ attempt to get the style right, cost £5.99 a bottle from Soho Wine Supply. Did he succeed…?

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2 thoughts on “A Torres take on low alcohol ‘wine’

  • Steve Gray

    Very enjoyable, but you did not need to expectorate given the strength of the non wine!, £5.99 is pretty outrageous given it must be duty free. The only very low alcohol drink I could recommend is Tourtel beer from France, which we pick up on hols and day trips, it does not have that odd after taste many low-alc beers have.

  • Simon Post author

    Steve, partly reflex, but maybe I spat it out because I wasn’t all that keen on swallowing it…