All the wine stories you’ll ever need!

I’m probably not the only one who has wine news feeds coming into their InBox. I can’t say I look at them every day, but if there’s a few moments to kill, I’ll take a peak. Sometimes there are gems in them – this morning for example brought news of someone using Kickstarter to fund a new idea of his, Wine Condoms, while another story was about a funeral home setting up a wine cellar.

Most of the time however, it’s more of the same old same old. You know, the wine stories with headlines such as the following…

  • Is Moscato the new bacon?
  • Seven steps to matching red wines with Gummy Bears
  • The best Liebfraumilchs for Thanksgiving
  • Can I serve oaked Chardonnay with cornflakes?
  • Everything Nebraskans need to know about malolactic fermentation
  • West Wind Winery to take on new cleaning staff
  • Romantic ideas for those visiting the Berry Bros store in Basingstoke
  • 18 uses for old corkscrews
  • New study says drinking rosé wine lowers your risk of verrucas
  • Does Icewine have a laxative effect?
  • Six lessons from a lifetime designing wine capsules
  • The wines to buy for the gardener in your life
  • Is wine in a clear bottle better for you?
  • Five go-to Marsalas that will impress on a date
  • Could wine from Tibet be the next big thing?
  • Which stemware to use for the Superbowl

Have I missed some out? If so, please add them to the comments below. And if you’re new here, why not sign up to my mailing list? The box is on the right. I promise, no stories of people getting new jobs, no wine-and-health baloney, and no pointless lists. Just a weekly newsletter with some wine food-for-thought – and only minimal references to Gummy Bears…

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