An appalling job

According to some bloke from a big beer company, the beer sector has done ‘an appalling job’ in targetting women (info garnered from Off-Licence News in the issue that also reported on the no-shit Sherlock research that drink can make you fat – well French for two, as my kids say…)

The man continues, ‘Less than one in 10 women are drinking beer at home – what an amazing opportunity for our industry.’ Too true, but let’s not stop there. Yes, the beer sector HAS done a bad job in attracting female drinkers, so come on beer makers, get stuck in. But can I put out a similar call to the makers of White Zinfandel, Lambrini and Bacardi Breezers – your message seems to have got through to women, but when are you going to target us men? I’m sure less than a tenth of us are drinking such tipples regularly – what an amazing opportunity!

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