Bordeaux Blanc x 2

Haven’t been able to post any videos the last few days, so here’s a couple as compensation…

Dourthe Réserve Bordeaux Blanc 2012, France (£8.99 Majestic)
Crisp, grassy style, with spring-like flavours of nettles, gooseberries and elderflower, and just a touch of the feline. Quite rich finish, but overall clean and crunchy. B+

Château Roquefort Roquefortissime Bordeaux Blanc 2012, France (£14.99 Waitrose)
A fleshier style, with oak making its smoky presence felt, and adding a touch of tannin too. But the main event is the ripe and exotic fruit – guava, peach, Victoria plum, candied pineapple. Fleshy and rich, but still on the young side, so don’t be afraid to decant it – white Bordeaux for white Burgundy fans. S(-)

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