Countdown to Christmas – Day 1

As the Beach Boys sang in their seminal song Little Saint Nick, Christmas comes this time each year. In the run up to the Big Day, I’m paying homage to some of luminaries of the wine world with help from the wonderful Yearbook Yourself. All you have to do each day is guess who is hiding ‘neath the dubious haircuts. Then come back at 18:00 GMT to see whether your guess proved correct, and to admire the next Yearbooked Wine Personality in all his or her glory. You’ll notice that you can’t leave comments – wouldn’t want to spoil it for other people now, would you? But fear not, from tomorrow, there will be a page on the site with the ‘before and after’ pics on which you’ll be able to add appropriate festive greetings.

A fairly straightforward one to start with…


Any ideas who the man with the bouffey hairdo could be? (hint – it’s NOT a young Jimmy Hill)

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