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End-of-Yearbook December 2, 2009 at 4:13 pm

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Aaargh! Tragedy has struck. The good folk who do Yearbook Yourself have taken down the site for 2009 and will be relaunching it in 2010. The best laid plans etc. Never mind, if you live in the US and have an iPhone, you can download the software (here) and do some of your own pics. As for me, I’ll aim to do it properly (and earlier) in 2010. As compensation, here are a couple of the more embarassing pics from a series I did with the family earlier this year.

Simon F 1990 Simon F 1998

Congratulations to all those who identified yesterday’s pic as Jancis Robinson in disguise – and a wooden spoon to the person who thought it was Tim Atkin. Better do some work now…

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