Fill yer boots – New World madness at Majestic

Mary Le Bow

Not sure how they’ve managed to do it but Majestic has got hold of a parcel of wines from four Constellation wineries – Bay of Fires in Tasmania, Houghton in Western Australia, Ravenswood in California and Flagstone in South Africa – and are selling them at prices that will doubtless piss off many other retailers. The prices for the top Flagstone reds in particular must make the winery’s founder Bruce Jack, who sold the place to Constellation a few years ago but remains in charge of the winery, feel like he’s had the rug pulled out from under him. There’s a bit of me that thinks I shouldn’t be pushing this offer, but there’s also a bit of me that says that the wines deserve attention from as many people as possible. Move quickly – stocks are limited. For notes on three of the top wines which I tasted this afternoon, see here.

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2 thoughts on “Fill yer boots – New World madness at Majestic

  • Colin Smith

    There’s nothing wrong with pushing this offer. We all love our wine especially when it’s a bargain.

    And if others (Jancis R) can mention Wine Rack’s half price bottle of Yarra pinot made by Yering Station why shouldn’t you talk about Majestic?

  • Simon Post author

    Thanks for that Colin – but it does seem like short-sighted tactics from Constellation.