Five Champagnes

Another of the catch-up-on-tasting-notes posts (see intro HERE if that doesn’t make sense)

Bonville FIzz-001

Franck Bonville Cuvée Prestige Blanc de Blancs Brut Champagne NV, France (£28.50 Plus de Bulles)
Supple, toasty style, nicely developed pineapple and apple charlotte, flavours, with the richness and spice balanced by freshness and grip. S

Chaput Fizz-001

Jacques Chaput Blanc de Blancs Brut Champagne NV, France (£28.95 Plus de Bulles)
Maybe not the most subtle of Champagnes, but this oozes flavours, with soft cooked apple and Victoria plum aromas as soon as the cork pops. Lots of depth and toasty richness, some slightly caramelised notes, and a finish like one of those Danish pastries with apple and apricot jam filling plus a sprinkling of toasted nuts. S(-)

Cheurlin Fizz-001

Lucie and Sebastien Cheurlin Brut Champagne NV, France (£30 – but currently on offer at £16.95
Lovely balance between taut lemon and toasty pineapple, not bone dry, on the drier side (although not Brut Nature), but has enough matière to flesh out the skeleton, and a hint of vanilla on the finish too. S


Champagne de Castelnau Blanc de Blancs 2002, France (£40.80 Spirited Wine)
Clean and fresh enough, with some flesh to balance the citrus flavours, but it’s not hugely complex, and lacks the daintiness of really good Champagne. B(+)

Boulard Fizz-001

Francis Boulard Les Murgiers Brut Nature Champagne NV, France (£25.95 Plus de Bulles)
A little stern to start with, but with time a dry burnt sugar richness and toasty character emerges, and a floral undergrowth edge appears alongside the crisp mandarin flavours. All the better for being served with shellfish – and don’t overchill it. S(-)

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