How much wine is in that £5, £10, £20 bottle?

There’s much written on the Internet about how UK wine buyers get far more bang for their buck by spending a few pounds more – have to say that these visuals from the excellent Corks Out chain illustrate it better than anything else I’ve seen…

What's in your £4.99 bottle of wine?


What's in your £9.99 bottle of wine?


What's in your £19.99 bottle of wine?


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3 thoughts on “How much wine is in that £5, £10, £20 bottle?

  • Diane

    What a load of rubbish to make us buy more expensive wines. This has obviously been compiled by the wine industry in Europe, concerned about reasonable cheap imports from Australia, New Zealand, South America & South Africa. Gets some Balls Europe, stop being so pretentious and start producing decent wines at a cost we can afford.
    Take Note France, who’s wine are very dull recently.

  • Simon Post author

    Sadly Diane the duty levels are the same for wines from all countries. I certainly think that the New World has a lot to teach the old about making cheap wine in the most efficient manner. However, for me the point of the graphics is to illustrate that spending more on a bottle of wine, regardless of whether it’s from Chile or Italy, Spain or New Zealand, means that a greater percentage of what you’ve paid has been spent on wine.

    And don’t give up on France just yet. Yes, it makes some shocking stuff, but there are plenty of gems – affordable ones too – to be found.