International Wine Challenge 2011 – A Taste of Gold

On Wednesday June 29th, there’s a chance to taste more than 120 of the gold medal winning wines and sakes from the 2011 International Wine Challenge, for which I’m one of the panel chairmen. The event takes place at Lords Cricket Ground in London and is open to the public from 6pm to 9pm. I’m not able to go, but you can – if you buy a ticket. The normal price is £20, but if you fill in the details in the ‘Contact Me’ button on the left hand side of your screen before midnight on Sunday June 26th, I’ll send you a code that will enable you to get a £5 discount*. For a list of the wines already lined up for the event, just click on the logo above.

*Providing all the tickets haven’t already gone before then

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2 thoughts on “International Wine Challenge 2011 – A Taste of Gold

  • Chris Hewson


    Sadly I won’t be able to make it this year – work calls.

    However, I wonder whether there will be any wines as interesting (to me at least) as the Bovin Alexandar 2008 (Macedonia) that was presented last year. I bought 2 cases at once (at £95 a case each AFTER tax and duty), and in this world of inflated Bordeaux prices, am always on the look out for similar bargains from developing wine regions.

  • Simon Post author

    Sounds like a good deal Chris. And know what you mean about Bordeaux. There is decent stuff to be had at the cheaper end of the market, but I still approach sub-£10 with caution. Now the Languedoc, that’s a different matter….