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Molvanian wine – an acquired taste… August 25, 2009 at 1:00 pm

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Have been reacquainting myself with the glorious country that is Molvania, and in particular with its extraordinary wine heritage:-

‘Vajana is an historic wine-growing region and produces the world’s only red Riesling. The most popular wine is a type of claret made out of a grape unique to this area called Soursavignon. Many wine writers struggle to describe the taste of this grape but most liken it to fermented lemon rind. The grape has an extremely tough skin and for many years could only be crushed by rifle butts. The grape juice from this crush is extremely astringent and must undergo a filter press. The first run off is used in premium cuvees and the second juice is used to tan saddles.’

Am off to track down a bottle of Chateau Sultána right now…

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