Muscat de Rivesaltes, Botrytis Riesling and Tokaj – sticky, stickier, stickiest

If you are surrounded by cake, what do you do? Open three sweet wines…

Mont Tauch Muscat de Rivesaltes NV, France (£5.99 per half Morrisons)
Plump juicy grape and barley sugar, a hint of rose petal, maybe a touch of heat from the fortification, but overall this is very friendly, sticky wine – perfect for Christmas puddings. B+

Heggies Botrytis Riesling 2006, Eden Valley, South Australia (~£11 per half)
Alluring apricot, orange and peach kernel aromas, supple, juicy wine, not overladen with botrytis, but with that almost creamy richness allied to the tangy floral edges of Riesling. S

Disznókő Tokaj 5 puttonyos 2001, Hungary (£21.36 per 500ml Waitrose)
Classic burnt sugar and deep marmalade character, showing some maturity but still with that backbone of searing, almost herby acidity that will keep it in good nick for years to come. Yes it’s sweet, but that acidity dries up the finish – save it for blue cheese and foie gras. S+

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