Nothing about wine, but since it is World Nutella Day…

Yes, World Nutella Day. Have to say it’s the other members of the family who crave it more than me – I wrote this a while ago for them…

Ode to Nutella
Some people love scallops, some people love roasties
Some people love Stilton and marmalade toasties
Some people love mango, and some Mortadella
But my favourite food is quite simple – Nutella.

Nutella the brown, Nutella the fair
Nutella the colour of fine auburn hair
Nutella the nectar that came from above
Nutella my darling, Nutella my love

I love how you spread and I love how you squeak
I love how you seem to adhere to my cheek
I love you for decadent chocolate caress
I love you for lashings of lush nuttiness

You’re known in some countries as ‘Hazelnut Cream’
But to me you’re Nutella, to me you’re a dream
Nutella, from Italy, made by Ferrero
You make me feel wonderful, just like a Pharaoh

Join me Nutella, please join me for life
There’ll be just me and you and a large palette knife
I give you my word that I’ll always be true
I love you Nutella: Nutella, ‘I do’

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