Peter Lehmann Vintage Bin ‘AD 2015’ 1994, Barossa, Australia

Peter Lehmann Vintage Bin ‘AD 2015’  1994, Barossa, Australia (N/A – read about the current release of a similar style HERE)
This bottle had been sitting there waiting to be sampled for several years so I thought I’d follow the maker’s advice and drink it late last year. Hmm, I think I’d kept it just a bit too long. It smelt OK, with some leathery notes alongside the sweet, spicy red berry aromas, but when I tasted it, the fruit was showing signs of fading, accelerated by the minty/bandagey edge of brett. So decent, certainly still with much to enjoy, but maybe ‘AD 2010’ would have been more appropriate. S-

PS The best Aussie ‘port’ I’ve ever had was never released commercially. It was a 1979 (I think) Touriga Nacional made by Chris Pfeiffer when he was the fortified winemaker for Lindemans. It was destined to be used in a large blend of cask wine, but Chris put a batch to one side and bottled it separately. Tasted chez Pfeiffer in 1995 when I was guest judge at the Rutherglen Wine Show, I reckon you could have stuck it into a row of 1977 ports and no one would have batted an eyelid

PPS Chris’s daughter Jen is now making the wines both at the family estate and under her own label Rock It Like a Redhead for Naked Wines

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