Quite lovely Languedoc reds from an advertising legend

Advertising maven John Hegarty – sorry – SIR John Hegarty needs no introduction for those in his field of influence. And the good news is that his field of influence is spreading ever wider- he’s due to do a presentation to the Institute of Masters of Wine about how wine should lose its mystery but retain its magic – and that’s what I’m aiming to do with my site. But Sir John – he’ll probably hate the monicker – also makes some rather nice wines at the southern French estate he bought in 2002. Unfortunately, one of his wines had me reaching for my guitar and wearing a Pocohontas wig…

Domaine de la Graveirette MusT 2007, Vin de Pays de la Principauté d’Orange, France (£9 Bowes Wine)
Quite developed, almost port-like edges – is this suffering from oxidation? Some rustic, plummy tar edges, but lacks freshness – would make comments such as ‘Is this wine as you’d want it to be showing?’ at a tasting. ????

Hegarty Chamans Minervois les Chamans 2007, Languedoc, France (not in the UK at present)
Showing the wild herby and crunchy/peppery violet edge of Carignan, concentrated but also perfumed, with vigorous blackcurrant & blackberry notes, touch of brett but in balance. B+

Hegarty Chamans Minervois Cuvée No.2 2008, Languedoc (£12.75 Adnams)
Softer than the Chamans but more ethereal, with cooked strawberry and a plummy warmth tinged with rose petal and an earthy minerality, some liqueur flavour but no alcohol burn. S

Hegarty Chamans Minervois Cuvée No.1 2005, Languedoc (£15.50 Adnams)
Has the classic Carignan footprint of spice, violet and peppery blackcurrant, tinged with the minerally note of the Minervois terroir, juicy & young, with a nice cooked wild strawberry edge, but lacks the tang and complexity No.2. S(-)

Hegarty Chamans Minervois Black Knight 2005, Languedoc, France (not in the UK at present)
A more fleshy version of the above, with Grenache filling in the gaps missing in the previous wine. There’s the warm herbiness, notes of herby violet, orange peel, and plump plummy berry all with the firm, tannin, dry but promising structure and dusty/iron-rich terroir edges. Lovely wine. S+

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3 thoughts on “Quite lovely Languedoc reds from an advertising legend

  • Louise Hurren

    Trade and press will be able to taste some of these Hegarty Chamans wines at the Outsiders tasting which will be held in London this autumn. Email me if you want me to put you on the invitation list louisehurren(at)wanadoo (dot)fr

  • Simon Post author

    Look forward to that Louise – have you ditched the cardigan over the shoulders yet?