Since it’s National Poetry Day…

How, why, when, what, who?

How dad, how do you milk a brown cow?
How do you make ice cream?
How do you sing when your mouth is full of string?
How dad, how dad, how?

Why dad, why does the sun stay in the sky?
Why does my little brother scream?
Why’s it called poo when we go to the loo?
Why dad, why dad, why?

When dad, when can I have a new pen?
When can I paddle in the pond?
When can I go to the Crufts Dog Show?
When dad, when dad, when?

What dad, what is a double reef knot?
What is a premium bond?
What is a coot, or a civet, or a lute?
What dad, what dad, what?

Who dad, who was the king of Timbuktu?
Who was Daniel Defoe?
Who was the guy who invented pork pie?
Who dad, who dad, who?

How, why, when, what, who dad, who?
Tell me ‘cos I really want to know.
And I’ll ask you again till you go round the bend
How, why, when, what, who?


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