Talks & Tastings

Fancy having me come and do a tasting for you? I do several tastings each year ranging from small informal talks to major corporate hospitality events.With more than 20 year of wine experience behind me, I’m at home with most wine topics, and can tailor presentations for both novices and hardened wine drinkers, consumers and trade.

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A few comments from recent tastings…

‘Excellent, enjoyable and involving.’

‘Very interesting and well presented. Would love to come again – hot stuff!’

‘We’ve had lots of speakers, some of whom were entertaining and some of whom were informative – you’re one of very few who was both.’

‘Kept me entertained for the full hour, and that’s not easy – thanks!’

‘Very entertaining, interesting, funny and unpretentious – “Don’t get precious, it’s just fermented grape juice” sums it up!’

‘Really enjoyed the tasting, especially all the info about Chile & Argentina – and it was fun!’

‘Very good, a great approachable way to try wines.’

‘Simon is very knowledgeable, easy to listen to, informative, informal and friendly, and I always feel my opinions are valued.’

‘I thought Simon was particularly ept at integrating the comments from the floor into the debate and was never judging. He made it a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile experience.’

‘Very good – knowledgeable and fun!’

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