The real cost of selling £6 wine in the UK

Just had a note through from Loire specialist Charles Sydney detailing how tough conditions are for many growers in the Loire. Cheap wine will always be with us, but not without a human cost.

Click on the picture of Charles to find out more…

And an interesting idea about revamping UK taxes – surely we should expect at least €2 worth of wine in a £6 bottle…

PS Thanks to Jim Budd for permission to use his pic of the bearded wonder. If you don’t know the Jim’s Loire website, do go & visit – Jim lives part time in the Loire and is a fount of knowledge on the region

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One thought on “The real cost of selling £6 wine in the UK

  • @rincondecata

    Dear Simon

    Terrible and surrealist situation. God save the small producers and the good quality/price wines in Loira, France and Europe in general.


    Juan Carlos Rincón
    @rincondecata (twitter)