Three big (and beautiful) Australian reds

Another of the catch-up-on-tasting-notes posts (see intro HERE if that doesn’t make sense)

Rufus Stone-001Tyrrell’s Rufus Stone Heathcote Shiraz 2010, Australia (£17.99, John Kelly Wines, Hailsham, Lewis and Cooper, Harrods, Polygon Wines)
Has that peppery savoury style, cool but rich in flavour, with a primitive earthy feel to it, like it’s been dragged out of dusty warm land, but on a cool day. Doesn’t lack fruit, but it’s those other flavours plus a hint of cola that are more to the fore. Intriguing, but tasty. S


Torbreck-001Torbreck The Steading 2010, Barossa Valley, Australia (£36.99
Big, rich, bold red, with the plummy fruit now showing some soft developed edges – prune and fig, rather than raisin – and a touch of leather, and the iron imprint of the Barossa shining through. A
decadent, warm and welcoming style, it’s not the sort of wine I hang out for, but I have to say it’s extremely good. S(+)


Ess See Gren-001Ess & See Grenache No.1 2011, McLaren Vale, Australia (£12.99 Virgin Wines)
Really tasty style, not too brawny with ripe red berry and plum flavours that stay just the right side of jammy, and a hint of mint and a refreshing spicy finish – you could chill this slightly on a warm day. S-

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