Three English Sparkling Wines

Exton Park ‘Britagne NV Brut, Hampshire, England (£26.95 from the vineyard)
Keen, clean young style, with green apple, citrus and slightly stewed rhubarb flavours, a touch of the sweet and sour here. Maybe needs a little more time to calm down as the sour edge is a little prominent at present, but honest, refreshing style. B+

Jenkyn Place Brut 2010, Hampshire, England (£23.99-£28.50 Waitrose, Caviste, Christopher Piper Wines, Amazon, from the vineyard)
A much fuller, richer and nuttier style, still has the crisp citrus and rhubarb bite, but there’s fleshier pineapple flavour here too, along with a confident bready hint. Very good. S(+)
PS The 2010 Jenkyn Place Blanc de Noir (£35.50 from the vineyard, Amazon) is also a star. Similar in structure, a little less of the pineapple and a little more spice – broad-shouldered, slim-waisted S(+).

Castle Brook Brut 2009, Herefordshire (£26 from the vineyard)
Combines some rounded maturity with citrus and apple crispness and some of the English hedgerow character, but I find the acidity just a little dominant. OK, but not great. B(-)

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