Three Rosés from Provence, Chile & Portugal

Château des Sarrins Côtes de Provence Rosé 2013, France (£15.99 Bibendum,
A previous bottle of this was extremely awkward and pongy, like it was having a really bad hair day (see here). This one – tasted just a fortnight later – was better. There’s still a light sulphury whiff to start with, but it opens up to show quite fleshy peachy fruit reined in by some appley freshness, notes of vanilla and the sandy edge I find in many Provence pinks. There is a hint of red berry, but if I closed my eyes, I think I’d have said this was a white wine. B+

Aquitania Rosé 2013, Maipo, Chile (£11.95 Winety)
Rose hip is the first thing I notice, then gentle strawberry and red cherry, with a touch of the fruit cordial that veers towards the medicinal. Bit of a crowd pleaser, too simple for real class. C+

Tercius Rosé 2013, Tejo, Portugal (£8 Marks & Spencer)
Also has a touch of the medicinal and the rose hip here, but the main flavours are slightly tart blackberry and just cooked apple. B-

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