Top Ten

Whatever happened to The Regents? Can’t say I miss them, but I am missing ‘proper’ wine, as in wine I want to enthuse about. While most of the brands so far have been drinkable, in general they’ve been the liquid equivalent of lift music. But at least I’m on the […]

Day Seventeen – and not yet a woman

It’s raining outside too, but it’s wetter in my heart. No, Jill hasn’t left me, it’s just that at that time of day when I’m normally pulling the cork on something appealing, I find myself with three bottles of wine that I’m not expecting much from. Still, if I start […]

Day Sixteen – it’s raining in my heart

As someone who cut their wine teeth in Australia, and whose sister, uncle, aunt, cousins and various other rellies live there, I’m favourably disposed to Down Under. My first wine trade job was picking grapes in the Yarra Valley, while my second was working in a Melbourne bottle shop (our […]

Day Fifteen – This time next week…

‘They all taste the same to me…’ I’ve heard such a line trotted out by two quite different groups of people. Firstly, by people like my mum, a wise, funny woman, whose generous nature is only sometimes undermined by her acerbic wit. I’ve given up trying to appeal to her […]

Day Fourteen – don’t they all taste the same?

Rumour has it that teetotaller Nicolas Sarkozy is at this very moment sitting there not drinking the Chateau Margaux 1961 that is being served at Windsor Castle in his honour. Stupid, stupid homme. Me? I’m on more Big blands. The thing that depresses me most about having to drink my […]

Day Thirteen – Unlucky for some

In case you hadn’t noticed, two things have changed with Stowells of Chelsea. First of all, it’s now called just Stowells – maybe Roman Abramovich was threatening a law suit (the thought of a head-to-head between the Russian oligarch and the world’s largest wine company – Constellation now owns Stowells […]

Day Twelve – Boxing Clever