Twenty-One Yes’s & No’s of 101 Wine FAQs…

Just taken a phone call from my printers saying that for various reasons, I won’t be taking delivery of my new book “101 Wine FAQs” until Monday. Which means that instead of spending today posting off several copies to the many people who’ve already said they’d like one (or more), I’m slightly at a loose end.

The delay however does give me a chance to answer some of the questions I’ve been asked about the book, plus a few others that I may just have invented to get to the arbitrary total of 21. So…

  1. Yes, the book consists entirely of real questions asked by real people at wine tastings I’ve done over many years.
  2. No, it doesn’t contain the answer to the question, “This recipe calls for 100ml of Leftover Wine – what IS Leftover Wine?” However…
  3. Yes, for those of you who can show a little restraint, it does give a few tips on how to keep an opened bottle in decent condition for a few days.
  4. No, as well as there being nothing on Leftover Wine, it also doesn’t address the question asked most frequently by many of my friends: “Is there any more?” But…
  5. Yes, it does (I think) answer all the other common questions that I and other wine writers are asked regularly – there’s a list of all 101 of them HERE.
  6. No, I won’t be offended if you think I’ve omitted an important one. Annoyed, yes, offended, no.
  7. Yes, if you think I’ve missed more than three questions out of the book, I WILL be offended.
  8. No, it’s not a dry, dull, pay-attention-at-the-back type of book. One of my proof-readers said, “You do a wonderful job of making some of the more complicated concepts in wine accessible to ordinary wine lovers.”
  9. Yes, it is available on Kindle HERE.
  10. No, I don’t think there’s an easy way of signing Kindle books, so if you want a personalised copy – or copies – you’re going to have to buy a print version through my website.
  11. Yes, if you buy three copies or more, you’ll get a discount – 20% off 3+, 33% off 10+ and 40% off 20+. If you want 50 or more, get in touch HERE and I may be able to do you a deal.
  12. No, cheeky, there is not a quantity beyond which the books are free. But…
  13. Yes, if you sign up for my mailing list HERE, you’ll be able to get an extra discount off up to three copies.
  14. No, at the moment, while a variety of wine merchants around the UK stock my previous books, so far I haven’t approached any of them to take 101 Wine FAQs. But
  15. Yes, I will be contacting them as soon as the books have arrived and been approved, so if you think I need to badger your local wine merchant, do let me know.
  16. No, wine merchants, I will not be over-badgering you. But…
  17. Yes, I will be dropping you a line to see whether you’d like some copies for popping next to the till in your stores, or inserting into mixed cases of wine or for corporate gifts.
  18. No, I cannot provide a life-size cardboard cut-out of myself to accompany the books. I have my standards. However…
  19. Yes, if you’d like to contact me about doing a tasting, or an in-store book launch or any other event, please get in touch HERE.
  20. No, that offer is not confined to wine merchants – if you’re interested in a wine event for your club, company, restaurant or whatever, do drop me a line.
  21. Yes, I am already working on my next book. It will be a sequel to “I Don’t Know Much About Wine But I Know What I Like”. Working title: “I Don’t Know Much About French Wine…”

Roll on Monday when the book (hopefully) arrives. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, do get in touch. Unless it’s about whether the heading should have said Yeses & Noes rather than Yes’s & No’s…


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