Two Bordeaux reds…

…both good adverts for the region

Château d’Auzanet Cuvée des Abeilles Bordeaux 2015, France (£7.99 The Co-op)
Refreshing, juicy almost crisp young claret, there is some tannin and a toasty edge to add backbone, but the main event is the sappy, earthy blackcurrant plum flavour. Not huge concentration, but the sort of wine you want to swig with cold roast beef butties. B(+)

Averys Fine Claret 2012 Bordeaux Supérieur, France (£10.99 Averys)
While there’s a welcome whiff of plummy berry fruit, this doesn’t smell as concentrated as the d’Auzenet. However when you taste it, there is more depth of flavour, with a firm backbone of earthy, spicy tannins to hold it all together. And while four hours later, the d’Auzenet is starting to yawn, this is still going strong. B+

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3 thoughts on “Two Bordeaux reds…

  • mark

    hi simon can you tell how i can get hold of the bordeaux is it possible to order online cant even find it on the coop website Thanks

  • Simon Woods Post author

    Hi Mark, will get back to you on this. They showed this very wine at their press tasting a couple of weeks ago, and they also said that they’d have something online where you could find the nearest store that stocked a particular wine. Pester me if I don;t get back to you…

  • Simon Woods Post author

    This from the Co-op: ‘we showed the 2015 [at the recent press tasting] but the 2016 is due in stores next month. But it will only appear as and when the 2015 sells through.’

    They also gave me the link to the product finder, However, when I went searching for the wine, I couldn’t find it. Their response: ‘Ah! It is still in its infancy so they are continuing to add to this. It [Chateau d’Auzanet] is in 600 stores nationwide so the best thing to do, until this product appears on the product finder, would be to ask viewers to call our customer helpline who can give them the address of the nearest store which has it stocked. 0800 0686 727.’

    Hope that helps!