Two sherries from the González Byass Finos Palmas range

These two are from the 2015 releases of González Byass’ Finos Palmas range – the higher the number of Palmas, the older the fino…

Two FinosGonzález Byass Una Palma Fino NV (2015 release), Spain (~£12.50/500 ml Cambridge Wines, H2Vin, Lea & Sandeman, The Wine Society, Cheers)
Bracing, briny style, dense and nutty, but with a fresh almost minty/wintergreen character, very distinctive, possibly too distinctive for many. S

González Byass Dos Palmas Fino NV (2015 release), Spain (~£17/500 ml)
Even more pungent and yeasty than the above, with an almost fish-oil-like briny intensity and a tinge of bitterness, like walnut skins, fascinating stuff, although again, not for everyone. S(+)

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