Wine FAQ – how long can I keep an opened bottle of wine?

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6 thoughts on “Wine FAQ – how long can I keep an opened bottle of wine?

  • Paul

    As a devoted wine lover, an open bottle in my house that sees a third day is a very rare thing.

    BUT … I opened a bottle of Bierzo last Sunday night, had a glass, then became brutally sick (not due to the bottle – the baby gave me something!) and couldn’t touch wine again for days.

    I have the VacuVin thing but didn’t bother using it, I just left the bottle in the fridge. Anyway, I went back to it last night but my nose is still blocked so I can’t say whether it’s good or bad.

    I suspect it’s still okay but I won’t know how it is until full health (ETA this evening or tomorrow) resumes. I’m sure it’s still drinkable but the more delicate aromas have probably dissipated.

  • Simon Post author

    FIrst of all, best wishes for a speedy recovery. I lost my a lot of my sense of smell due to a bad cold a few years ago for nearly a week, during which time I couldn’t work out why so many wines seemed below par. But back to your Bierzo, I imahgine if it was one of the younger, fresher styles, then it will be on the downhill slope, but if it was of the beefier, barrel-aged variety – just had a delciious one called Carracedo from Abad – then it could still be fighting fit

  • jack wild

    there’s a new product called ‘winesave’ that uses argon that is supposed to be very good. Not used it myself but seems well respected – anyone had any experience with this? JW

  • Simon Post author

    Not tried it yet Jack – imagine it’s the same idea of putting a blanket of inert gas on top of the wine.

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  • Jose

    Argon is inert yes, and heavier than Nitrogen, so better to use, but more expensive too. Same gas wine tap uses to pump out wine. Some wineries use argon instead of Nitrogen (as is better) but not many can afford the cost of it.