Wine Tasting Video: Cabernet-based reds from Israel & Australia

Lueria Rosso 2011, Upper Galilee, Israel (£19.99-£24.99 Kedem Europe)
Don’t notice too much of the Italian grapes coming through here, but there is sweet, dusty, plum, red berry and plum fruit – all of them both cooked and fresh – along with a warm earthy note. But there’s also a metallic hardness which lets it down… B(+)

Lueria Terrace 2011, Upper Galilee, Israel (£19.99-£24.99 Kedem Europe)
Lighter than the Rosso, but with a similar warm, dusty character, the plum and red berry notes and – alongside a note of liquorice – the same earthy metallic nuances. B

Lueria Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, Upper Galilee, Israel (£19.99-£24.99 Kedem Europe)
A step up from the previous two. This isn’t shy to sport its toasty oak, but this is in balance with the fleshy plummy berry flesh and notes of liquorice. Again, there’s that almost Spanish dusty warmth, but it goes well with the plummy caress. Young and promising. S(-)

De Bortoli DB Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, South Eastern Australia (£6.98 Asda)
There’s gentle blackcurrant and dark berry flavour here, but it’s swamped by the overtones of mint and eucalyptus, and the finish is a touch dry too. C+

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