Wine Tasting Video: Cava Part 2 – Red, White & Pink

Codorníu Reina Maria Cristina Cava Blanc de Noirs 2008 (£14.99 Majestic)
Made mostly from Pinot Noir, this manages to pack in bumptious fruit flavours – apple, citrus, raspberry – but retain the Cava freshness and earthiness. Rich (although not too rich) rather than elegant, but a darned good drink. S-

** La Rosita Traditional Method Brut Sparkling Wine (Grenache-based), Calatayud (£14.50 Bottle Apostle, Theatre of Wine)
Gentle strawberry cordial, quite full in flavour with a toffee-like character, although it’s only a touch on the sweet side, overall an unusual but tasty crowd-pleaser. B(+)

** La Pamelita Traditional Method Dry Sparkling Wine (Shiraz-based), Calatayud (£16.50 Bottle Apostle, Theatre of Wine, Noel Young)
Not sure how old the base wine is here, but homage to Australian Sparkling ‘Burgundy’ manages to have both some of the leathery complexity of maturity with some freshness and tannin that makes you think it needs a year or so to really show at its peak. Add in the liquorice, damson and blackberry flesh, the yeasty notes and the long dry finish and you have a very interesting wine. S(-)

** The website still lists these two wines as being made from Monastrell, as does that of their excellent UK importers Indigo Wines…

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