Wine Tasting Video: Five white wines from South West France

Esprit de Labastide Gaillac Perlé 2012 (£5.95 The Wine Society)
Crisp young style, with an Alka Seltzer-like saltiness to its ripe apple, pear and lemon flavours and a prickle of CO2 to add freshness. OK, but just a little hollow. C+

Producteurs Plaimont Rive Haute Colombard Sauvignon Côtes de Gascogne 2012 (£6.99 Coe Vintners)
Crisp, crunchy young style, with slightly nettly grassy notes adding character to the rich gooseberry and citrus flavours. B+

Producteurs Plaimont Les Hauts de Bergelle Saint Mont 2011 (£9.99 Majestic)
Lovely blend of sharpness and richness, with concentrated gooseberry, guava and peach flavours reined in by hints of quince and citrus, a touch of fennel and a spine of tangy acidity. S-

Producteurs Plaimont Pacherenc du Vic Bilh Saint Albert 2011 £13.99/50cl Corney & Barrow)
Dreadful label but the wine is delicious, thanks to its combination of honeyed peach, pineapple and mango flavours, mineral restraint and fresh herby finish. S(+)

Domaine Rotier Renaissance Gaillac Doux 2010 (£16.50/50cl Vine Trail)
Not sure what to make of this. There’s an earthy, gravely mineral character, an imprint of oak, and flavours of apricots, oranges and quince, with nutty notes in there too. But is there enough acidity to hold it all together? Hmmm… S(-)

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