Wine Tasting Video: Rosés from France, Chile, Spain and Portugal

Mirabeau Côtes de Provence Rosé 2010, France (£8.99 Waitrose)
There’s an almost sandy note to this juicy but elegant young rosé, along with fresh strawberry, redcurrants and blackcurrant leaf flavours and a tangy refreshing finish. S-

El Prado Tempranillo Rosado 2010, Valencia, Spain (£4.99 Waitrose)
Not the most complex of rosés, but honest ripe ruddy wine with a lightly spicy cooked strawberry flavour. C+

Yali Wetland Merlot Rosé 2010, Colchagua, Chile (£6.99 Majestic)
Starts of with soft red berry juiciness, but then a slightly musky pear-like edge (reminiscent of Bordeaux Sauvignon!) kicks in. Simple but tasty. B

Croft Pink Port NV, Portugal (£10.72 Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, The Co-op)
Real retro flavours here – strawberry Mivvi lollies and Cresta – with a spicy spirity warmth to the finish. I like this more each time I try it, while my wife has been enjoying it over ice while watching Waterloo Road – sad, but true… B

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