Wine Tasting Video: Six Greek White Wines

Semeli Nassiakos 2011, Mantinia (£10.95 The Wine Society)
Fresh Muscatty style with sappy citrus and grape flavours, quite full in body but with and a delicate, refreshing finish. B+

Lyrarakis Plyto 2011, Crete (N/A in the UK)
Not too much aroma to start with. However, when you taste it, there is some citrus and apple flavour plus a touch of passionfruit, but it’s the waxy walnut texture that impresses most. B+

Lyrarakis Assyrtiko 2011, Crete (N/A in the UK)
A fuller style than the Assyrtikos of Santorini, with less of the citrus and more of the pear and peach. Again, nice texture, and while it’s quite weighty, once again the finish is crisp and fresh. S(-)

Lyrarakis Okto 2011, Crete (N/A in the UK)
Quite pungent style, with oily grapey flavours (almost Gewurz-y) and some herby mineral character too. Full of character, but almost too much flavour? B-

Lyrarakis Armi Vineyard Thrapsathiri 2011, Crete (N/A in the UK – link is for 2008 vintage)
Fascinating style, have they done some skin contact here? There’s a slightly oily/waxy walnut character and a touch of pith, then the fruit emerges – grape, pear, nectarine and greengage and peach – and a herby minerality makes its presence felt. Powerful and very young, will be interesting to see this with another couple of years in bottle. S(+)

Lyrarakis Fourfouras 2010, Crete (N/A in the UK)
(made from 100% Vidiano and only available at the cellar door)
Deep gold in colour and full in body, the result of plenty of late harvest fruit. There’s an exotic tropical side – mango, paw-paw, chirimoya – and a fresher character of peach and apricot, with some crystallised orange flavours too. Add in notes of vanilla, walnut and herbs, and you have a mellow, full bodied and unusual treat. S(+)

For original footage, click here

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