Wine Tasting Video: Three reds with northern Italian accents – Valpolicella, Barolo…and Adelaide Hills?!?

First Drop Wines ‘The Big Blend’ Nebbiolo/Barbera 2009, Adelaide Hills, Australia (£18.99 Secret Cellar, Cambridge Wine Merchants, Hanging Ditch, Harvey Nichols, The Sampler)
The bold berry fruit verging on the jammy dodgers, the note of liquorice and the aromas of mint and eucalyptus betray its Aussie origins, and despite a decent savoury element, it’s still just a bit too brash for real class. B(+)

Musella Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso 2007, Veneto, Italy (£12.99 Virgin Wines)
Starts off well, with a bruised plumskin & cherry sourness and a slightly bitter almond edge, but then a slightly green/bitter oak edge intrudes. This does go with time, but it would have been better in botte rather than barriques. B+

Tenute Costa Due Corti Barolo 2006, Piedmont, Italy (contact Grossi Wines, Club Vini Italiani)
Grown-up wine, rich and not shy in alcohol (14.5%), but also with tender, aromatic cherry, raspberry and strawberry flesh tinged with notes of toffee, tar and roses. Good on Day 1, but even better on Day 3, offering a lovely mix of heady allure and savoury chewiness. S+

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