Wine Tasting Video: White wines from Vinho Verde & Rías Baixas

Quinta de Azevedo Vinho Verde 2011, Portugal (£6.75-£7.50 Waitrose, Oddbins, Majestic, Booths, The Wine Society)
Bracing mineral-laden youngster, with sprightly citrus and apple fruit, a yeasty bite and a tingling spine of briny minerality. Perfect summer seafood wine. B+

Terras Gauda Abadia de San Campio Rías Baixas Albariño 2011, Spain (£13.50 Caves de Pyrene)
Decent flavours of pear, peach and citrus, with a touch of herb, but good as it is, I’d like a little more minerally bite. B(+)

Martín Codax Rías Baixas Albariño 2011, Spain (£11.99 Liberty Wines)
Quite an exotic style, with rounded, almost Viognier-like flavours of apricot and nut kernel, extra notes of citrus and peach, and a precise herb and mineral tang to keep it all fresh. S(-)

Soalheiro Alvarinho Vinho Verde 2011, Portugal (~£16-£17.50 Fortnum & Mason, Uncorked, Butlers Wine Cellar)
On the richer and rounder end of Vinho Verde, but still only 12.5% alcohol, this has a lovely mix of crisp lemon and Grannie Smiths apple with fleshier fruit such as pear, peach and chirimoya, all underpinned by precise briny minerality and with a touch of spritz to enhance the freshness. S

Terras Gauda O Rosal Rías Baixas 2011, Spain (£14.95 Caves de Pyrene)
Yum. Full-flavoured, but never OTT, offering fresh-cut pineapple and peach alongside more taut green apple and citrus, and with a wonderfully upright mineral spine. S(+)

Fillaboa Rías Baixas Albariño 2010, Spain (£14.99 Marks & Spencer)
Age has mellowed the citrus edge and brought out more of a fatter ripe apple and earthy mineral side, but it’s also highlighted the slightly bitter off skin contact? Good but not fine. B

Terras Gauda La Mar Rías Baixas 2010, Spain (£26.00 Caves de Pyrene)
Really not sure about this. I found it quite fat and oily, with slightly stolid peach and vanilla reminiscent of plumper unoaked New World Chardonnays. Watched it over 24 hours to see how it developed and didn’t change my views. Seems to have gone down well with others whose views I respect but for me it missed out on tang and minerality. Random oxidation? This bottle B(+)

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