Wine Tasting Video: Wines from South West France – Gaillac, Pacherenc, Fronton & Saint Mont

Domaine d’Escausses ‘La Vigne de l’Oubli’ Gaillac Blanc Sec 2010 (£14.39 Caves de Pyrene)
Rich but floral (honeysuckle), has oak but it’s a framework rather than a dominant force – it’s the juicy citrus and pear fruit that takes centre stage, along with a nutty, just-cooked cake mix character. S(-)

Château d’Aydie Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh Sec ‘Odé d’Aydie’ 2010 (N/A in the UK – contact Accents et Terroirs)
Lovely sprightly style, fennel, quince and custard apple wrapped around a spine of herby minerality and tangy citrus acidity, rounded but toned, and with along, almost salty finish. S(+)

Château Montauriol Fronton ‘Mons Aureolus’ 2010 (£11.95 York Wines)
A good mix of heady plum and blackcurrant (both fresh and cooked) with notes of violets, herbs, spice and tar, manages to be rounded and silky yet also rustic and wild. Cassoulet please… S(-)

Producteurs Plaimont Saint Mont ‘Monastere de Saint Mont’ 2008 (£17.99 Vinopic)
Umm-ed and ahh-ed about this one. You’ll see on the video that my first thought was that it was corked, but it showed more dark fruit, chocolate and iron-like richness than I’d expect from a bad bottle (plus a hefty amount of tannin). Watched it over several hours and into the next day – sometimes the fruit won out, sometimes the dankness was to the fore. There was a good wine in here somewhere, but I’m reserving final judgment until I try another bottle…
(Also, at the time of posting, the Plaimont website seems to be having ‘issues’ – will update this link in the near future…)

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